the co-founders of Dice for Hire standing in a line, smiling

Hello World! We are Live

Hello adventurers!

The team at Dice for Hire are delighted to be launching this May.

We’re Cam, Matt & Gina: three friends (and now co-founders!) whose relationships have been tempered by countless exhilarating nights playing Dungeons & Dragons.

Now, we’re launching Dice For Hire, Auckland’s newest team-building experience. Our goal is to bring the same excitement and joy we feel for Table-top Role Playing Games (TTRPG’s) into your office. Our experienced Dice Masters will take you on exciting adventures into worlds beyond your mortal comprehension, facing down challenges the likes of which you have only dreamed…

In other words, we’re super pumped to fight monsters and tell stories with you over the coming months!

We want to thank the following people for their immense generosity & support:
Andi Crowne Photography, Cakes n Ladders, Colour City, Jason Massey of Dungeons and Randomness, Keltie Thangam & Pete Goodman at Pushpay, Laurena Roquero, Luke Manson, Maria Gold & Cara Wylde at The Networkers, Mark Ferguson, Peter Butler, Peter van der Voorn, Laura Bell at Safestack Academy, Rochelle Cooper at Fergus, Scott Blanks of The Classic, Slaine Marshall & Warren Stuart.

See you soon adventurers!
-The Dice For Hire Team

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