About Us

Dice for Hire offers Table-top Role Playing Game (TTRPG) experiences directly to your office, because stronger teams are forged by adventure.

We are a group of TTRPG lovers, who want to spread our appreciation for these unique games. We’ve played together since 2018, and have learned that collaborative storytelling found only in games like Dungeons and Dragons brings people closer together. Especially during the Auckland Covid-19 lockdowns of 2020 & 2021, gaming together was an infinite source of joy for us.

Now, we’re bringing that same joy directly to you. 

Dice for Hire is the brainchild of Gina Holden. After running a Dungeons & Dragons one-shot with her team – three of whom she had never met in person due to the lockdowns – she was thrilled to find that playing brought them closer together as a team. She is co-founding this company along with dedicated Dice Masters Cam Ferguson & Matt Butler, to share this unique experience with other teams across Auckland.


Dice For Hire offers team-building experiences for companies in Auckland. Table-top role playing games are best enjoyed with a small team of four to six players. Our Dice Masters streamline the start-up time required to get your game running, so you’re having fun faster. Your team will unite against a common enemy, solve puzzles, & … Continue reading Services

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Dice Masters

Our experienced Game Masters run confidently with modules, homebrew, or other requirements your company wants to try. We streamline the table-top experience, so you can play sooner. Both of our GMs are completing DEI training, to ensure our tables are inclusive and fun for all. Cam Ferguson Cam has over a decade of TTRPG experience … Continue reading Dice Masters

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