Dice Masters

Our experienced Game Masters run confidently with modules, homebrew, or other requirements your company wants to try. We streamline the table-top experience, so you can play sooner. Both of our GMs are completing DEI training, to ensure our tables are inclusive and fun for all.

Cam Ferguson

Cam has over a decade of TTRPG experience as a Dice Master. A trained actor and improviser; Cam loves creating worlds, characters and stories. His games are full of atmosphere: music, soundscapes, sound-effects, & accents. He strives to create safe environments where everyone gets their chance to shine.

With his flair for the dramatic, he’s excited to help bring your characters to life. Perfect for new players who may want more guidance, or for experienced players who want a challenge full of twists.

In his spare time, Cam bartends, codes & juggles multiple home games!

Cam Runs: Dungeons & Dragons, more…!
Expect: Darker Tones, Epic Fantasy, High Wire Stunts, Stories That Stick With You, & The Unexpected!
Favourite Character: Angel Sin Clair, the bard tiefling with that certain je ne sais quoi.

Matt Butler

With five years of Dice Master experience, Matt encourages players to immerse themselves in worlds of fantasy, horror and more – with detailed worldbuilding, a vault of character voices, & a library of music and sound effects at his disposal.

Matt crafts intricately woven stories that feel lived in and real, stories that allow every person at the table the chance to be a hero, no matter their level of Table-top experience.  

As an award-winning writer & performer, Matt’s credits also include the short film “Some Body By The Lake”, web-series “In The Rainbow” and adverts for One Day Video.

Matt Runs: Dungeons & Dragons, Dread, Monster Of The Week, Wanderhome, more…!

Expect: Big Twists, Ruthless Enemies, High Stakes, Introspection, Silly Side Characters.

Favourite Character: Benji Billows, the anthropomorphic lion Cleric who makes up in heart what he lacks in brains.

Gina Holden

Gina reclines against a wall and smiles

Dice For Hire’s Director, Gina Holden, is a software engineer & writer based in Auckland. She stumbled into Dungeons & Dragons at a Murder Mystery party hosted by Dice Master, Matt Butler. Playing up to twice a week over multiple concurrent campaigns, her GPA suffered greatly during this time.

As a writer, her work has previously been published in Signals and The Three Lamps journals. She is a dual winner of the Prose Prize of the Chris Cole Catley Awards (2018 & 2019). Her bedside table features a structurally-unsound tower of unread novels, notebooks, and business plans.

Gina Runs: Dice for Hire

Expect: Many blog posts about the world of NZ Tech.

Favourite Character: Ama Hornraven. The OG Ranger + Bard. Handy with bow; her haunted harp plays itself.

Artist credits, left to right: Angel Sin Clair – Cam Ferguson, inspired by works by Nelm; Benji Billows – @cloudmancy on Twitter