Dice For Hire offers team-building experiences for companies in Auckland.

Matt & Cam smile alongside one-another in an office

Table-top role playing games are best enjoyed with a small team of four to six players. Our Dice Masters streamline the start-up time required to get your game running, so you’re having fun faster. Your team will unite against a common enemy, solve puzzles, & unravel mysteries together. Session times can vary between 2 – 4 hours, with specific time frames chosen beforehand to suit your team.

Let us come to your office and put on a show, or go off-site to one of our partner venues. The choice is yours. Whether your team has never played a single game, or if you’re veterans who want a challenge, we’ll ensure the right fit for you.

So we can provide the best experience for your team, please fill in our Contact Us form below. If you have a custom gaming request – perhaps themed to your office culture – please note down your ideas. We’d love to bring them to life!

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